Florence Hamilton

Dene Heritage


Florence Hamilton, the proud founder and owner of Dene Routes, cherishes her Sayisi Dene heritage. Growing up in Churchill, Manitoba, she felt a connection to her Dene identity but sought to explore it further. In her journey, Florence discovered the profound respect for the land, the significance of caribou, and their vital role in sustaining the Dene for millennia.

As she embraced these teachings, Florence developed a deep passion for preserving her heritage. Now, she enthusiastically shares her knowledge through story telling in Churchill, narrating personal and historical stories, and offering cultural experiences such as tufting caribou hair. Florence brings the vibrant tapestry of the past to life for all to experience and appreciate.


Sayisi Dene, often overlooked among Manitoba’s Indigenous peoples, carry a compelling narrative. Florence’s ancestors roamed as nomads, tracing the barren-land caribou across pre-drawn borders. The Chipewyan peoples, a Dene group in northern Manitoba, found stability at Little Duck Lake before a tragic turning point altered their lives. Reflecting on Florence’s reconnection to her Dene heritage adds depth to this poignant tale.

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