Florence Hamilton, the founder, and owner of Dene Routes is a proud Sayisi Dene woman who deeply values and loves her Dene heritage.

Born and raised in Churchill, Manitoba, from a young age, Florence knew she was Dene, but that was the extent of it. She felt that something was missing and began to pursue the stories of her people.

Later in life, Florence learned about the importance of respect for the land and its resources, the significance of the caribou, and how the caribou sustained the Dene for thousands of years.

Over the years she has become passionate about preserving her heritage and sharing it with others.

Whether it be a walking tour of Churchill, sharing the stories of her life and her people’s history, or a cultural experience demonstrating how to tuft caribou hair, Florence brings the past to life.

In addition to her cultural pursuit, Florence is a dedicated Mother, Grandmother, and Friend. She cherishes her relationships with loved ones and takes great pride in her role as a member of her community.

Florence is a vibrant and passionate woman who embodies the strength and resilience of her indigenous heritage. Her commitment to preserving and sharing her culture serves as an inspiration to those around her.

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